Distillated Wines

“Grappa” has a dominant rule among distillates of our territory. The name “Grappa” si used for “brandy” produced in Italy; its origins are from Veneto region: from the dialect “graspa”, brandy made from “graspie”, the dregs. Dreg is the solid residue left over from wine-making, fermented and distilled with water vapour. “Grappa” is the last link in the Veneto wine tradition and in particular of the vine rows of the Pedemontana, the north part of the Province of Treviso.

“Grappe” are divided into 5 groups:
“young”, white;
“lengthily aged” in wood, with a darker colour;
“aromatic” made from the aromatic plants or fruits maceration, that gives them different aromas;
“single-vine” from selected dregs of single vine.

“Grappa” represents hospitality and friendship typical of this zone; it’s used as meditation or as a digestive after a coffee.