Cold and cooked pork meats

In this region the best way to taste wine is with a plate of sliced cold meats, especially pork meats. It’s an authentically symbol of welcome.

The most common cold pork meats are OSSOCOLLO, BACON, SALAMI AND SOPRESSA.

This is one of the main characteristic of the Pedemontana; it’s served with polenta o “pan de casada”, homemade white bread with a glass of good wine. The air of the hills and the right amount of humidity prevent mould from forming in excess and let the headcheese age slowly, from 3 to 6 months.

Waiting this period we eat ”salame”, the less aged sausage, made with or without garlic; it could be also grilled.

There are various types of sausages and pig snouts, called SALSICCE, COTECHINI and MUSET particularly eaten in winter.